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SHIMANO Indoor Cycling

For those who savor the challenge, the community, the burn, and the sweat. Whatever your experience and goals, we’re here to help elevate you on your indoor cycling journey.

SHIMANO Indoor Cycling strives to help you along the way with indoor cycling know-how and a curated collection of our favorite indoor cycling gear to help you go harder, faster, further. Empower yourself by learning more about pedal technology, find the best performing indoor cycling shoe, or treat yourself to clothing that can handle the heat.


Celebrating Community

Your indoor cycling journey is your own. But whatever your motivations, goals, or background, chances are that you share something with other indoor cyclists. It’s something deeper, in the shared understandings of why we do what we do.

We know what it feels like to crush a workout that you were nervous about - and having to wring out your sweat towel at the end. We know the deep joy of sharing the intensity and fun with others, whether virtually or side by side in person. We know the post-workout buzz.

These shared feelings are the foundation of the indoor cycling community. Whether you’ve just enjoyed your first indoor cycling session or you’re a seasoned vet, you are a part of it.