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Shimano Continues to Expand Their Indoor Cycling Shoe Line with the Launch of Their Newest IC2 Shoe

This month, Shimano is launching the fourth shoe in their indoor cycling shoe lineup, the IC2.

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Shimano IC5, For Fierce Workouts & New Personal Bests

For fierce workouts and new personal bests, the new Shimano Indoor Cycling IC5 cycling shoe will help you push harder, ride farther, and challenge yourself every time you hit the studio. You put in the effort and the  IC5 shoes deliver your power to the pedals for your most intense workouts. 

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Rock the Cycling Studio in Style with the Shimano IC3

Rock the cycling studio in style with the fresh new Shimano IC3 Indoor Cycling shoes. A perfect balance of all-day comfort, walkability, and performance, these sporty sneaker-like cycling shoes empowers you to hit the studio for a morning, lunchtime, or anytime sweat without changing shoes from your active daily life. 

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Which Pedals Are Shimano’s Indoor Cycling Shoes Compatible With?

Shimano created its line of indoor cycling shoes (also known as IC shoes) to give riders the chance to experience the cycling brand that they already love and are committed to at-home or in the studio. One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the IC line—which pedals are Shimano’s indoor cycling shoes compatible with?

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Shimano’s New IC1 Indoor Cycling Shoe is Gender Neutral, and Compatible with All Popular Pedal Systems (including the Peloton bike, SoulCycle bike, and more)

A breathable, durable, gender-neutral cycling shoe, that not only looks like great, but also feels great, and is compatible with all cycling systems. The brand new Shimano Indoor Cycling IC1 shoe is everything you could want in an indoor cycling shoe, making it both fashionable and functional. It combines things like maximum breathability and ventilation, easy slip-on design, volume adjustability, and gender-neutral sizing, all for under $100.

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