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User Experience Design and Conversion

User Experience (UX) includes all aspects of a person’s interaction with your company, including its services and products. A website’s design needs to ensure people visiting your site, have as positive an experience as possible. Achieving this entails asking a number of important questions such as:

This helps you to develop an understanding of the users your website is attracting and more importantly, their goals. Armed with this understanding and knowledge, you can then design the kind of website solution that includes all of the necessary UX components in order to meet user’s needs. By creating a fulfilling online experience that speaks to your target customers and flows intuitively, you’ve got the best chance possible of converting a prospect into a regular customer.

Our UX services focus on a number of key areas including Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).This sees us aiming to increase the rate of website conversions by creating safe methods where we test and refine improvements to your site without impacting all users. As a result, we’re able to target changes to specific pages involved in the user flow.

The benefits of engaging in CRO include:

Woven offers a rage of CRO including:

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